Australian Grand Prix Results

The 2019 Australian Grand Prix is officially in the books. If you taped the race I would suggest you avoid the rest of this post. Overall I thought it was kind of a boring race to be honest but there were some intriguing results. I am going to ignore the podium because nothing was really surprising there. The first thing of note for me was Charles Leclerc finishing behind Vettel. I am going to make a prediction now, I think Leclerc will finish ahead of Vettel in points this year. He is shockingly good and was catching Vettel at the end.

Ricciardo running over his own front wing at the start of the Australian Grand Prix
Ricciardo running over his own wing (left in yellow)

It was nice to see Haas finishing ahead of Renault at the Australian Grand Prix. Kevin Magnussen finished one spot ahead of Nico Hulkenberg who was P7. I would love nothing more than to see the sport’s sole American team beat the arrogant Renault team. Unfortunately, yet again, Grosjean failed to finish but this time it wasn’t actually his fault. Unfortunately Danny Ricciardo also failed to finish in his home Grand Prix. Even though he is at Renault it is hard not to pull for Ricciardo. For those who were not aware Kevin Magnussen’s father Jan is a factory driver for General Motors in their awesome C7R Corvette race cars tying it back to yesterday’s Corvette post.

Heartbreak for Williams, again.

At the back of the pack was Williams who looks to be headed for another terrible year. For a team with 9 constructor’s championships it must be hard to be this terrible. It is unlikely that they are going to be able to make any large strides throughout the season which means there will likely be big changes next year. Unfortunately for Claire Williams this was not the start they were looking for. On the plus side it looks like that one point addition for fastest lap is more than just a gimmick with many drivers fighting for that extra point. Next up is Bahrain (29-31 March) which I believe is one of two night races in F1. Unfortunately no beer tie-in today, I am out of space.

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