2019 Bahrain Grand Prix Results

I know I am way behind this week but things are moving along rather quickly. If you missed it, man what a race! As you can tell in the picture above things sort of fell apart for Charles Leclerc. Opening the race on pole he fell back quickly but was able to overcome his slow start and take back the lead. One of the best sequences of the weekend was Hamilton and Vettel battling it out which eventually resulted in Vettel making a mistake and spinning out. Again, this shows the pure talent and determination of Hamilton. Unfortunately, it was heartbreak for Leclerc whose car let him down but he still managed to limp it home to the end and to remain on podium. My prediction was correct, Leclerc did finish above Vettel but that was my only one that was right! Hamilton and Bottas finished 1-2 and Max Verstappen was quickly catching Leclerc but finished 4th. Haas did not finish in the points with yet another DNF for Grosjean. I am starting to think resigning him was not smart. Williams didn’t finish last but they did finish last of those still running. Sadly it looks like they still have a long way to go no matter how many people they drag out of retirement. Next up is the Chinese Grand Prix 12-14 April. I would love to see the two young guns Leclerc and Verstappen go at it. Maybe Grosjean will finish a race, who knows! My friend Gary turned me on to this Reddit thread called the World Destructor’s Championship which tracks the team and driver with the most damage. Check it out when you get a chance. Until next time.

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