This past weekend BDBS went to Rocket Frog Brewing Company in Sterling, Virginia. There we met the owners and received a tour of the brewery, including a preview of their upcoming spring beer release, which was pretty tasty. Eleanor and Alice were also running around, the namesake behind two of their beers. It’s a neat little space with Mario Kart on an old N64 and some board games. They have their GABF Bronze Medal proudly displayed for their Wallops Island American Brown Ale. Centered above the bar is a framed picture of the rocket frog that inspired brewery.

My Top Three from Rocket Frog

I started the night off with a variation of Wallops Island with coffee that was pretty smooth before ordering flights so I can try the entire lineup. It’s a good idea to start with a flight of beers since two-thirds of their beers are on the higher ABV side ticking in at over 6%, including a barley wine over 10%. My favorite is both variations of their bronze-medal winning Wallops Island. The American Brown Ale is exceptionally smooth, and the coffee version is well-balanced and not overpowering. Next up would be the Surfing With the Alien, their hazy or New England-style IPA, which is what I ended up taking home in my growler. At nearly 7%, it hides the alcohol well, a trend that continues across some of their other beers.

I would round out my top three with the Golden Word Belgian Tripel. Belgian Tripels range from 7.5 to 9.5% ABV, and Golden Word comes right in at 8.8%. Some Belgian Tripels will hit you over the head with the alcohol and hop flavors, but Golden Word balances both very well. It also hides the alcohol exceptionally well and can sneak up on you.

Final Thoughts

Rocket Frog is a neat little place that makes some good beers. Be careful though, their barleywine and other high ABV beers hide it well. They’re also within walking distance of another great brewery, Crooked Run. Be on the lookout for Rocket Frog’s new beer this spring.

I was also able to check out some new offerings coming down the pipe from Tucked Away Brewing. They have some barrel-aged goodness headed your way.

Posted by:Tyler

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