Last weekend I had a rare chance to go down to Fredericksburg for a wedding. While there, I got to check out Spencer Devon Brewing. The brewery is located right in the heart of the historic downtown area of Fredericksburg. It’s a neat little spot that features some pretty damn good beers. I went excited for the Bittersweet ESB, but unfortunately, they were out that night. It doesn’t matter though, because all their beers are delicious.

The Sunken Road Belgian Blonde is their flagship beer and a 2016 GABF bronze-medalist in the Blonde Ale category. There were 61 entries in the group that year, so that’s not too bad. Their Snead’s Squash is a unique take on the Autumn beer brewed using squash instead of pumpkin. The ESB was out, but they did have a Munich Dunkel the Provenance Dunkel.

One of my favorite beers of the night was the 3-4-5 Pilsner. An extremely sessionable Czech Pils brewed using Czech Saaz Hops. It was one of the best examples of a pilsener I’ve had in a while. Who knows, maybe they’ll take home a few more awards from GABF this year. Spencer Devon Brewing is a veteran-owned business started by another Marine veteran. I encourage you the next time you’re down in Fredericksburg, go check out the brewery. You will not be disappointed. The beers are excellent, and the staff was super friendly. In the meantime, check out our beer list. We’re sure to have some of their beers.

Posted by:Tyler

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