BDBS Goes to Tucked Away Brewing

Black Dog Beer Shop goes to Tucked Away Brewing.

This past weekend, the BDBS team took a trip out to the aptly named Tucked Away Brewing Company in Manassas, Virginia. The brewery certainly earns its name as it’s tucked away inside a little office park hidden from the main road. That didn’t stop us or other patrons from finding it in the middle of the day on a Saturday. The space is massive with plenty of room to expand as the brewery hopefully grows. There is a decent sized bar with several tables surrounding. They even have some couches and games in the back of the brewery. Another highlight, there were dogs, lots of them!

We tried several of their beers but here were some of our favorites from the trip.

Squadron Commander – English Bitter

Image result for Squadron Commander Tucked Away Brewing
Photo from their Twitter

This was the beer I was most excited to try. It’s very rare that you find a brewery in the States that makes an English Bitter, let alone one so drinkable. Clocking in a 30 IBUs and 5.5% ABV, it sits in just the right spot. English Bitters aren’t appreciated enough as they should be. If you’ve never tried one I suggest you get on over to Tucked Away and give it a shot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Holiday R&R – Spiced Beer

from Aaron R. Untappd

This is easily one of my favorite holiday beers I’ve had this season. Unfortunately, it’s a very limited released but I look forward to its return next year. They use just the right amount of spice to give you that Christmas feeling without bowling you over. At 7.2%, it also gives you enough alcohol to provide a little bit of warmth without limiting you to just one. It is a very limited release so I would try and snatch it before it goes away.

We Own the Night – Coffee Stout

Photo by Tony L. Untappd

Tucked Away Brewing’s We Own the Night is an excellent example of a Coffee Stout. Brewed using Peet’s Major Dickason’s, this beer comes in very dark. Fortunately, it is incredible smooth and sessionable coming in at 4.8% ABVs. This beer pleasantly surprised me. Some coffee stouts come in too strong with the coffee taste and can be super dry. This beer strikes a good balance between the two.

Honorable Mentions

Tucked Away Brewing had tons of good beer and there wasn’t really a bad one in the bunch. They have four IPAs including a filter and unfiltered American IPA, a NE IPA, and a DIPA. The Boysenberry Sour is on point as is their Belgian Tripel.

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