Beer Glasses to Write Home About

Some of my favorite styles of beer glasses

Good beer glasses can be really hard to find. I have tried several different types of beer glasses but only two really stand out as my favorites. According to people on the Internet, certain beers are better in certain glasses. Unfortunately I don’t judge my beer glasses by that criteria. I judge by beer glasses look, feel, and volume. While typically pint glasses are the gold standard, they can been kind of boring. While you can add your logo and make them unique, as a glass they are lacking. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a cabinet full of regular pint glasses. It is not like they will let you down, I just like something a little more.

Traditional black and white beer stein.

One of the coolest looking beer glasses of all time and for all time are beer steins. Beer steins are typically made of stoneware or other materials, are characterized by ornate designs and a hinged, pewter lid. Allegedly the lid appeared during the Black Plague to prevent the spread of disease but historians dispute this. I will choose to believe it anyway because it makes for a good story. There are a few beer steins waiting for me at my parent’s house. I should pick those up and add to my collection!

dimpled pint glass

While awesome looking, steins are not my favorite beer glass, that honor falls to the simple, dimpled pint glass. Dimpled pint glasses are easy to grip and they also resembles an old school grenade. Allegedly they almost completely disappeared but they have been making a comeback and for that I am grateful. If you don’t have one, I would suggest adding one to your collection, you will thank me later. If you want a good beer to go with your new glass, check out our beer page.

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