Boudica – Warrior Queen

Statue of Boudica, warrior queen two horse pulling her chariot with her holding a spear with her sister behind her.
Boudica statue at Westminster Bridge

Continuing our Irish theme this week I would like to talk about Boudica, an absolute Celtic beast. I knew about Boudica before but I was watching Empire Games on Netflix and they were talking about the Celts and she came up and I thought, “huh, this would be a perfect topic”. If you didn’t know about her let me give you the abridged version. Her husband the king dies and attempts to work an alliance with the Romans by bequeathing his land jointly to his two daughters and the Roman’s in Londinium. Well the Romans decided, “nah I think we will take all of it thank you very much”, and they flogged Boudica in public and defiled her daughters. Well surprisingly Boudica wasn’t very happy about this so she rallied the Celts and preceded to slaughter about 70,000 Romans in the end. Eventually she was defeated but it is safe to say she got her revenge.

Pint of Smithwick's
Pint of Smithwick’s

Now to tie this back to beer. While I do not drink a lot of Irish Red Ale’s, when I do I prefer Smithwick’s. There is something just cool about drinking a beer that is 66 years older than the country in which you are drinking it in. While Guinness is usually the go to for St. Patty’s day celebrators, if you really want to be cool, order a Smithwick’s.

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