Chinese Grand Prix Results and Upcoming Events

Chinese Grand Prix

Man it has been too long since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been cranking away at fixing and updating the beer section of the website, talking to distributors, and working on finalizing a location. The first location fell through but the second location is looking much more promising. It has been a few weeks since the Chinese Grand Prix but there were some pretty exciting outcomes. The most confusing part for me was Ferrari issuing team orders to Leclerc to let Vettel pass then Vettel not doing anything with it essentially ruining Leclerc’s race. The most impressive by far was the back to back pit stops by Mercedes. For those who don’t know F1 teams only get one pit location and they have two drivers so typically they bring them in on different laps. Not Mercedes! Instead they brought them in at the same time and as Lewis was pulling away Bottas was pulling in. It takes unbelievable coordination to make that happen smoothly and that is probably why Mercedes keeps winning each year.

Beer Fest

Today is the DC Brew Fest at Nationals Park and there are going to be tons of vendors. What is really exciting is there are going to be breweries there that don’t usually distribute in our area such as Bold Mariner Brewing Company out of Norfolk, VA. I plan on updating Instagram as I go along but I may be too busy with the beer who knows. Hopefully now that I have the website mostly how I want it, I should have some more time to update the blog. Check my Untappd and follow us on Instagram for pics of the DC Brew Fest.

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