Guinness Brewery in Baltimore?

Did you know Guinness has a brewery in Baltimore? I didn’t.

Exterior of the Guinness Brewery in Baltimore.

Yup! I guess I was living under a rock in August 2018 when this beaut opened but yes there is an amazing looking Guinness brewery in Baltimore. I try not to cross the Potomac very often but this looks well worth the trip. And how fitting is it that I discover this just three days before St. Patrick’s Day! This is their first U.S. based brewery since 1950 and I for one am definitely planning a trip now. Probably not on St. Patrick’s day but someday soon. With Guinness in Baltimore the city has added one more reason to make a visit.

While not considered a craft beer really, it is one of my favorite international beers ever. Despite it’s dark appearance Guinness is one of the smoothest beers and is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you haven’t had a Guinness with loaded potato skins I question your life up to this point. If you are a vegetarian I suppose you can just get normal potato skins, but still.

Back in the day (circa 2006) there used to be a really cool Irish pub (is it just a pub since it is already in Ireland?) in the airport in Shannon, Ireland and they would pour the absolute perfect Guinness but when I returned years later that place was gone and some gaudy modern bar was put in its place. Ireland is a place I’ve never really spent any time in and that is a shame. Maybe I will plan a trip soon. If you are interested in checking out some of the beers we offer from the region please check out our beer section and come on by!

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