Formula 1 Season 2019 Kickoff

image of the official Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix

This weekend is the kickoff of the Formula 1 season in Australia. Hailing originally from Indianapolis, IN I am a huge open-wheel fan and I love F1. My favorite drivers in order are: Aryton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis Hamilton. I am thinking that Max Verstappen might be on this list in the coming years as well. This may sounds weird but he is like the Dale Earnhardt of F1 because he is intimidating. He is either going to crash into you or overtake you and that has to get into the head of the drivers. Speaking of Australia, I could be wrong but I don’t think Daniel Ricciardo has ever won his home grand prix. It would be nice to see him take home the win this weekend. Ricciardo might be the most-skilled late-braker you will ever see in F1. He brakes later than what should be physically possible and that is why he is so talented. Terrible Formula 1 season last year but he is too good for that to continue. So now to connect this to beer. Last time I was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway they were still serving $5 Foster’s and if you’ve ever had a Fosters you know those are giant cans (25.4 oz) so you can’t beat the low price. If you missed last season or you want to start watching F1 I suggest checking out Drive to Survive on Netflix. It is an excellent series that gets behind the scenes during last year’s season.

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