The backroom of Settle Down Easy Brewing Co.
Settle Down Easy Brewing Co. in Falls Church, VA

This weekend, the Black Dog Beer Shop team took a trip to Settle Down Easy Brewing Co. in Falls Church, Virginia. We met with Jim and Chip and got a good rundown of their beers and a brief history of the brewery. My two favorite beers of the night were Sweet Scoville Sting and Frey’s Cold Snap. The Sweet Scoville Sting is Honey Jalapeno Ale, which I can’t say I’ve had before. It doesn’t punch you in the face with heat but is more subtle. It’s as if you ate a jalapeno popper an hour ago, not a minute ago. The Frey’s Cold Snap is a Norwegian IPA using Norwegian yeast and makes for a good seasonal beer.

Their sour has a unique name, the Blomergranorange. Head brewer Henry Jager came up with the name after repeated calls over email for a name for the beer. With no names provided, Henry combined the names of the ingredients to come up with the Blomergranorange. Usually, I’m not a fan of Kolsch, but their No. 1 Dry Hopped Kolsch is pretty fantastic. Overall it was a successful team meeting. We were able to get the whole team together in one place for the first time. We consumed many beers and generated many ideas.

a glass of beer at Settle Down Easy Brewing Co.
delicious, delicious beer

Black Dog Beer Shop Update

With the team together for the first time, we went and inspected our open space and gravel floors. We are just waiting on the County of Fairfax to approve our construction permit then we can begin construction. For now, we are ordering things like reusable bags, growlers, bottle openers, and t-shirts. All the documents were sent to Fairfax County early last week, so hopefully, we hear something in about a month or so. We’re eager to begin construction so we can bring some great beers to our community! Probably by the time of our next update, we will be starting construction. It’s been a very long process, but we are nearing the end of the process.

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