Travel Beers and Open Wheel Racing

It has been a while since my last update but I’ve been traveling all over. First I went to San Antonio then to Montreal. One thing that came up during my travel is my love of travel beers. I am not talking about travel beers that you take with you on a trip. What I am talking about is when I travel I seek out the local beer and that is my go-to at times. The attributes of a travel beer are that it is brewed nearby and is widely available. In San Antonio it was Shiner Bock. When I went to Montreal I originally anticipated that it would be something like Labatt Blue but instead it ended up being Molson. For me this is because Molson has a really cool old building in downtown Montreal.

Drinking travel beers at the Canadian Grand Prix.
Canadian Grand Prix

Now some of you may be questioning why I would drink something like Molson because it is a macro brewery. While this may be true I feel like when you travel you owe it to yourself to try their local macro offerings even if they are terrible. Maybe it is like a sacrifice to the beer gods, I’m not sure.

Canadian Grand Prix

I was at the Canadian Grand Prix this last weekend and it was incredible. While Lewis Hamilton won on a technicality I believe it was the right choice. Unfortunately, Haas was horrible this weekend but maybe they will make up for it next race. The only real beer available at the venue was Heineken which is ok. Next race I am definitely going to splurge to get out of the sun because something about 8 hours in the sun is exhausting.

Some updates on Black Dog Beer Shop. I received the Small Business Association paperwork this week and I am finalizing the lease now. Hopefully we will begin construction soon and bring great beer to you!

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