I am a sucker for beer variety packs. I love trying different beers, and nothing is better for that than a variety pack. Most variety packs give you three each of four different kinds of beers. This weekend I enjoyed Spring Tour from Starr Hill and the New Belgium Variety Pack. Seasonal variety packs are the most common, but many breweries offer variety packs based on other criteria. Starr Hill Brewery, for example, has their Say It Ain’t Sour, Hopped as Hell, and Box of Chocolates beer variety packs.

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With spring right around the corner, many of the spring seasonal packs are coming out. My all-time favorite seasonal variety pack is Sam Adam’s Winter Classics. The Winter Classics variety pack contains Old Fezziwig Ale, which I think is one of the coolest beer names around. I assume it comes from the character from a Christmas Carol but I could be wrong.

The one downside with beer variety packs is sometimes you get a beer you don’t like. The upside, though is that you usually only have three of them. Despite my love of variety, I rarely partake in building my six-pack. I think this is because I prefer a theme to my variety packs. I recently that shops are starting to move away from this feature as well. At least we still have great beer variety packs!

If you haven’t gone out and bought a spring variety pack do yourself a favor, by one this week try them out, add them to your Untappd app, and tell us all about them.

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